Facebook likes

How it works?

This is an exchanging network where people share Facebook Likes, View YouTube videos, Twitter Followers , Visit Websites etc. In return they get Coins. These Coins can be used to get additional fans/views for you websites,pages,profiles or videos.

how it works

How to add page/site?

how it works

Note: For Starting account to add page/site are needed at least 10 clicks

How to Get Coins ?
There are 4 different ways to earn coins.
#1 Earn Coins by Buying Them

If your time is important to you then this might be the best option for you. You can purchase Coins by going to Buy Coins. All Coins purchased will be added to your account. We accept PayPal.

#2 Earn Coins by Following, Liking, viewing etc.

In order to earn coins this way just click on one of the Icons at the left of this page. If you're wanting to Like Facebook Fanpage for coins then click on the "Facebook Fanpage".You will receive for Liking that page.

#3 Earn Coins by Referrals

You can earn coins for telling your friends, family or customers about Tolikes. Just use your "Referral Link" when sending them to the site. You will receive 1000 Coins for each person join under your referral + 30% percent per Sale (Your referral must have 125 clicks).

#4 Earn Coins by Daily Bonus

We also offer a daily bonus each day. You can earn this daily bonus just by logging in every day and doing some clicks.

How do I get Likes, Followers, Views..etc ?

In order to get Likes, Followers etc you must have coins saved up. You'll also need to have your account, page, etc added on your Tolikes account. To add your content hover over the section that relates to what you want to add (example If you want to add Facebook Post like to get likes then click on 'Add site/page' button). then just click on "Facebook Post like" option. You will do not get fans when don't enough coins.

What is CPC? / How can I get clicks faster?

CPC is how many coins you are willing to spend per like, follow , view etc. For example if you set CPC to 6 on a Facebook Page then you will spend 6 coins for each Like you receive. The higher your CPC is the faster you will gain likes, followers, etc. The lower your CPC the slower you will gain followers, likes, etc.It's also important to note that VIP Premium members can set CPC Higher than standard members.

What is meant by a coin?

Coins are used to grow your social network. They work as reward which you offer people to check out your page and profile. And even you earn coins in a similar manner. This helps to develop a strong community.

What is href.li?

href.li is use to prevent their site from appearing in the server logs of referred pages as referrer.
The operators of the referred pages cannot see where their visitors come from any more. Anonymous link that will hide the HTTP Referer header.

How to get clicks?

You can get clicks by liking,following,Viewing,subscribing, at start of you account you should have at least 10 clicks for you to add new page or site.

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