Facebook likes

Earn Facebook Followers - Help

Step 1. - Log in to your Facebook Profile

Login Facebook Followers

Login to your Facebook account Login Facebook. if you don't have an account Sign up

Step 2. - Navigate to Earn Coins Facebook Followers

Navigate Facebook Page Likes

Go to Facebook Followers, Left Menu Facebook Followers

Step 3. - Click on the Follow button

Facebook Followers button to Tolikes

By clicking on the "Follow" button the pop-up window will appear for you to Follow.

Step 4. - Follow the Facebook Profile

Facebook Followers tolikes

Wait for the window to fully load, and Like the newly opened Facebook. After you have Followed to the Facebook Profile wait approximately 2-3 seconds so our system can catch your Social Media Interaction.

Step 5. - Manually close the PopUp window

pop up

Manually close the Facebook pop-up.

Notes - Skip option and report option

System config Tolikes

if you notice any bad tasks or inappropriate content you can report them to us, or you can "Skip" them by clicking on the (skip) button and they will not be shown to you again.
For every Accepted report you will get 100 free coins to your account.

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